Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zero to hero Young Racers Indonesia towards F 1

Who does not know this young driver he is the pride of Indonesia Rio Haryanto, a young Indonesian boy who is now being followed GP 3 racing competitions, at some time ago Rio Haryanto had already red-white flag in Germany, before the August 17 independence day falls exactly on this day Rio Haryanto red and white flag that Rio Haryanto has won the race in Germany. once recorded a performance this year ranked the 5th GP 3 2010 season
The following achievements of Rio Haryanto racing world

The man who was born 18 years ago is already starting a career in racing since the age of 6 years. Call it Rio Haryanto, at age 6 years Rio has gone down in the national kart championships. And at the age that just turned 10 years, Rio has begun to plunge the Asia-Pacific dibalap car. Until the age of the 18th Rio Haryanto began performing in the race GP3.

The IMI Awards 2011 awards held at the Golden Ball Room Hotel Sultan Jakarta yesterday, Rio Haryanto has been crowned as the International Achievement Awards with the title of champion of Formula 1 Race 2 GP3, in Istanbul Turkey.

Racers Indonesia Rio Haryanto perform quite satisfactorily in the second race GP3 Series that was held at Silverstone, England, Sunday, Rio is the only non-British rider who was ranked big, she took off fourth place.

Rio Haryanto, which went down with the team Marussia Manor Racing sped as fast as 26 minutes 59,613 seconds, 8178 seconds behind race winner of the second and host driver, Lewis Williamson with MW Arden.

Remarkably, 18-year-old rider Indonesia's 'nyempil' rated four out of six large positions. Five other positions are all filled by a Briton.

The position was much better than the first race, one day in advance. On race day Saturday, the Rio must be satisfied is positioned on eleven, after finishing just 31 minutes 09,945 seconds.

This was actually not the best made by the youth who attend school in Singapore. Last year the same disirkuit Rio successful runner-up position.

With this result the Rio breaking eggs into 3 points. In the three previous Grand Prix, Rio can not gain a point from six races.
Youngest rider in the world to take a test drive F1, 16 November 2010
Champion 5, the final standings GP3, 13 September 2010
Champion 3, Series 8 Race 1, Monza, Italy, 12 September 2010
Champion 2, Series 4 Race 1, Silverstone, England, July 10, 2010
Champion 4, Series 3 Race 2, Valencia, Spain, June 27, 2010
Champion 6, Series 3 Race 1, Valencia, Spain, June 26, 2010
Champion 1, Series 2 Race 2, Instanbul, Turkey, May 30, 2010
Champion 8, Series 2 Race 1, Instanbul, Turkey, May 29, 2010

source: YouTube, Rio Haryanto official site

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exciting news for Blogger Indonesia

Again I quote from Breaking news but whatever guns with this important info is very interesting to the mania Blogger Indonesia. His info is about a community of bloggers in Indonesia, so it helps us more interesting to listen langsun news info below.
TEMPO Interactive, Semarang - The blogger is now a community to be reckoned with in cyberspace. Through their writings, anyone can become a new reference source and obtain information other than through the news sites.

Ahead of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, the bloggers participating with a way to test network paths along the route back and forth on the island of Java. "Because they are heavy users for data services," said Head of Corporate Communication XL Febriati Nadira in Semarang, Central Java, Saturday, July 23, 2011.

More than 200 bloggers who traveled overland from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Ponorogo, Solo and Yogyakarta will gather in Chat Langsat (FF) at the Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, Semarang, this afternoon. It became the first FF discussion that took place outside of Jakarta.

In a conversation that is guided Langsat Wicaksono or better known bloggers will be present ndorokakung Edo Rusyanto automotive blogger, Brigadier One (Brigadier) Frestya Eka's Traffic Management Center (TMC) Polda Metro Jaya, representatives of mobile operators and XL. In the event themed "Mudik Safe and Comfortable", they will share information on experience using data services along the lines back and forth, tips for the travelers, the information density of dots in the path back and forth, and the XL network readiness for the anticipated spike in traffic.

"We expect feedback from them since the blogger to be a reference for many people," said Febriati.

Senior Vice President of PT XL Axiata Tbk, Ongki Kurniawan, said during Lebaran average traffic spike by 30 to 35 percent of a normal day. Under normal circumstances, every day, serving 530 million minutes XL phone calls, 630 million SMS, and data services amounting to 33 terabytes.

Especially for data services, Ongki said a significant traffic spike last year, from 8.6 terabytes to 33 terabytes per day every day. "Increase to 400 percent," he said.

Meanwhile, for the voice service calls and short messages, Ongki optimistic XL network capacity is still capable of handling heavy traffic because it supported 24 thousand base stations, both 2G and 3G base stations and 18 mobile units.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Angklung performances in Washington DC

As an Indonesian citizen I am very pleased that one of the cultural form of musical instrument Angklung Indonesia who came from West Java in pergelarkan DC Washington Monument in the field close to the White House as well as in printing the event record for the Guinness Book of World Recods to ansembe The greatest angklung. This news coverage of the events I witnessed through the private TV station Metro TV in Indonesia ie VOA Coverage Indonesia following the broadcast of news releases Angklung which will also be confirmed as a World Cultural Heritage.
Inauguration angklung as world cultural heritage will be held on 15 November in Kenya (East Africa). Prior confirmed, angkung examined first by the experts who are members of the committee Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). Indonesia is one of the members of this committee. Indonesia's Ambassador at UNESCO, Tresna Generous Kunaefi revealed angklung will be confirmed as a world cultural heritage of non-material, or the World Intangible Heritage.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Samurai Blue Winning Women's World Cup 2011

The True Champion The phrase is the one who deserves aimed at the Japan national soccer team who has won the Women's World Cup 2011 in Germany some time ago. The true champion is not only bring his country into champions but also the only Asian country represented in this Prestigious game. And Japan has proven itself as a country that has risen from the tragedy of natural disasters are so devastating several cities in Japan were destroyed and nuclear-powered electricity pembakit not spared from this disaster so that the resulting radiation. As a result of the Tsunami and Earthquake Disaster, Japan suffered material losses and human casualties is not small, but Japan still could rise so quickly proved to come out as champion at the Performing the World Cup in Germany, survived for samurai blue Japan.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is it Google Plus (Google+) ? - Blog SEO DAW - XP | Tutorial Blogspot | Belajar SEO Blogspot

Apa itu Google Plus (Google+) ? - Blog SEO DAW - XP | Tutorial Blogspot | Belajar SEO Blogspot

Deny write in this post just what Google Plus (+ Google)? now again Seger and the many who discuss google plus.

What is Google Plus (+ Google)? According to google, and Deny a new social network of Internet giant Google has launched. Of course this is done to erode the dominance of Facebook, which is the winner of the social networking world in recent years.

Give in addition to the many media every second to the news of Google Plus, the primary task of social networking presence, Google will drop up to is that their users until now about 700 million users worldwide.

"We want the experience of sharing on the Internet before improving," said Google chief engineer, Vic Gundotra, like the Bangkok Post quotes, Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

Plus Google is similar to Facebook. Users will be able to Google Plus status to write, upload photos and links, as they usually do on Facebook. The difference can be separated by Gundotra, Google Plus (+ Google) members on its website with groups. For example, working groups and groups of employees.

"Because not all of our relationships together. When our relationship with the boss definitely different than our relationship with our parents," he said. Gundotra says, Facebook a lot of criticism about the groups. Many of the status of users who do not want to see from someone in their network. But now Google Plus already offers the following features.

Therefore, he continued, Google broke it by Google plus (+ Google), that users who are members of its network allows separated into different groups according to their individual interests.

Plus the introduction of Google (Google +) is a bet in Google social networking battle to get. New York Times wrote + Google seems late entry into this field.

Google + (Plus Google) was a way to get the +1 button a few months ago proliferation in the search results where users can be seen in the search in a state of the new Gmail login on this feature heated. For members of the G +, while it is still limited by invitation only. If the previous google also throws new products such as Google and Google Buzz Wave, but without much in demand, with the presence of Google Plus able to gain success in the future?

This insight into my writing about what Google Plus (+ Google)? For now google and still with the system load for the listing, who will then be registered google plus, please comment and enter your Gmail e-mail. Or even my facebook here. Then I would invite and add, can you check your e-mail on and click on the link from Google and hit. If you already have a Google Account, please attach / add my Google account in

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